Hi I live in Austin and I like printmaking and music.

If I could, I'd join a moderately popular indie rock band and travel the world.

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Hi, this is a serious question: are there any good tips for moving out of your parent’s house?  This already sounds like it’s going to be a bad experience :(

Rilo Kiley @ Good Records

Dallas, TX 


1. More Adventurous
2. Absence of God
3. Ripchord
4. With Arms Outstretched
5. A Better Son/Daughter
6. Portions For Foxes

last week I broke my car and I’m like 99% sure my computer will break this weekend so there’s that

Realizing that I know nothing about beer

Realizing that I know nothing about beer

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I’m not afraid to leave you.  You can have your stupid car that I spilled a smoothie in.  BYE.


Two piece suit


Cats vs. Dogs

And this is why I’m moving to Portland

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